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Word Up 2019!

Word Up 2019

All good things must come to an end and the time has come for Word Up to finish for another year.  So many incredible moments, new words, incredible reading, writing and talking - thank you and well done guys!

Poetry Slam

Year 6 blew us away with their awesome poems and performances - huge thanks to former Poetry Slam Champion Sara Hirsch!

Mark Weighton

We enjoyed an incredible Doodle Jamboree with the hugely talented Mark Weighton!  Thanks for inspiring us all again.

I Love Words

Huge thanks to our special guest judge Vanessa Feltz for coming along to our I Love Words Competition. The children have been really stepping it up throughout Word Up and we were blown away by their spooky story competition entries - amazing!  Congratulations to all the winners. 

Disney's The Lion King

We are lucky to have so many talented children in our schools and to have so many dedicated adults who helped make the show such a success - thank you all!  We were all blown away!

John Watson

It was lovely to welcome back BBC Sports Presenter John Watson.  Thanks for another inspirational visit with some great tips and advice for our budding young presenters!

Paul Geraghty

Author and illustrator Paul Geraghty wowed us with his incredible drawing and hilarious story telling - thanks for a great visit! 

Matt Oldfield

Another awesome Word Up visitor, author Matt Oldfield came to see us and tell us all about his Ultimate Football Heroes series - thank you!

World Book Day

Wow - thanks to everyone who made such an effort to dress up for World Book Day!  How many characters do you recognise?

Rahul Doshi

Big thanks to Child Genius winner Rahul Doshi for coming to inspire us all!  Can you memorise a pack of 52 cards?! 

African Dancers

What a way to start the first day back to school and celebrate Disney's The Lion King!  It's Week 4 of Word Up and we're looking at the ENCHANTING world of Disney. 

Disney Week

Have you seen any new faces around school this week?

Kevin Graal

We were all enthralled by the awesome story telling of Kevin Graal!  Thanks for inspiring us!

Neill Cameron

Wow - what an awesome visit from the hugely talented writer and cartoonist Neill Cameron!  Thanks for inspiring us all with your incredible assemblies and workshops!

Song Writing

Another awesome Word Up experience for our children with some incredibly talented song writers - thanks guys!

George Hoyle

What a lovely story telling experience with music for some of our youngest children with George Hoyle - thanks so much!

Will Copestake

Huge thanks to Will for coming in to tell us all about his adventures around the world!  What an inspiration for our own Fresh Word Adventures this Word Up!

Word Up! Word Up!

The wait is finally over - our incredible 8-week Literacy Festival is here - Word Up! Word Up!  So many fresh word adventures to look forward to! 

The Launch!