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Our Staff Team

We have a fantastic staff made up of very dedicated adults who work hard for children. We are very proud of every one of our amazing team. 


Every member of staff has a role in helping children and supporting the ethos of our school. We call this MY SHARE in the school. More information on MY SHARE under our staff photo!


Chris Flathers


Senior Deputy Head

Vicky Dawes


Assistant D.H. Team
Bina Thakker
Richelle Cotter

Claire Moloney

Liz Power


Teaching Staff



Jennifer Baldwin/Maria Garcia


Vittoria Macacco

Liz Power

Year 1

Marta Grabowska

Mark Halliwell

Year 2

Izzy Bullen

Claire Maloney & Michelle McDonald

Year 3

Susie Brown

Kojo Oteng

Year 4

Mark Gadian

Eve Saunders

Year 5

J-S Loong

Julia Francis

Year 6

Richelle Cotter

Ella Bruce

Liz Power


SENCO /Inclusion / G&T

Bina Thakker


Nursery Nurses
Shevaun Close - Nursery

Donna Smith - Nursery

Dawn Saville - Reception

Karen Lander - Reception


Teaching Assistants

Carol Lee - HLTA

Diane White - HLTA / Inclusion

Beata Saad - HLTA

Abi Cheema 

Aisha Ali 

Jane Howard - Year 2

Imrie Ismaili

Helen Gander 

Vicky Carlton - Year 3 / Inclusion                      

Debbie Carroll - Year 4

Dawn Morris - Year 5

Arti Jain - Year 6

Zuhura Haji - Inclusion Team

Michelle Hicks - Inclusion Team

Karen Lyons - Inclusion Team

Chi Adimibe - Inclusion Team

Samantha Weller  - Inclusion


Medical & Welfare                      

Siobhan Hanley                                          


Office Staff

Stef Carpenter - School Administrator

Catia Kabs - School Administrator


Site Management

Winston Lynch - Site Manager

Tony Dickson - Caretaking Assistant (p/t)


Mealtime Supervisors

Carol Scott (MTS in charge)

Donna Brain

Karen Lyons    

Ratan Patel

Shanti Kaur

Rachel Ward

Mena Fatimi

Samatha Weller

Eden Yothan

Vicky Carlton

Tracy Savage

Carol Lee

Imrie Ismaili

Denise Daws

Jashu Patel


Goldstream After School Club

Siobhan Hanley