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One Kind Productions

Who are we?

We are a creative group of staff from The Orion and Goldbeaters Primary Schools who help develop children’s love of learning through acting, film and theatre.

The Background Story to One Kind Productions

In March 2020 the Covid pandemic closed schools and our children faced being stuck in their flats with little to do. We came up with an idea to make a daily 10 minute film which could be easily accessible on YOUTUBE. The aim of this was to provide the children (and parents) with a range of activities to do whilst stuck at home. We had to be creative as we knew that many had very few resources. Our goal was to also keep everyone smiling through that tough time. Since then we have made around 150 films and written and presented several live shows. Our series include Awesome Sauce, I’m an Awesome Person, Get Me Out of Here and the very popular Colour Rangers.

Current Films

Our current project is a monthly YOUTUBE show called Super Juice. The Super Juicers present families with an up-date on school life in a fun and engaging way. The group help provide additional learning through the power of film. 2022’s show is called Super Juice Freshly Squeezed.

The Word Up Festival

The school’s Literacy Festival is called Word Up and is driven by our weekly film on YOUTUBE called The Word Up Show. Each year a story starts as the DO IT DUDE makes his way from Yellow Planet to Hunky Dory World. There is much to learn across the 10 weeks as the children join in with the characters who appear through each episode. Previous series have included the ever popular Colour Rangers and the famous DJ Juice character.

Our Characters 

The different characters we play are fictional and help children learn eg. Bella Blue represented the quality “adventurousness” and Gigi “dependability”. Our latest characters are called DMC (Do More Coach) and his friends……Mimi Memory, Ziggy Zidane and Senior Smile. We convey additional learning is fun and also how to be active in learning.


We are able to write and present short live shows to children. These have clear moral messages that help develop both positivity and learning. We are proud to have brought theatre to all age ranges of children at Orion and Goldbeaters. In 2022 the group wrote and produced a show for families at the GO FEST Pink Fringe within 24 hours. Our home is the I Shine Theatre on The Orion site.

Other Work

One Kind Production have been asked to appear at Summer Festivals. We were also put forward to all TV channels to make a documentary about the work of the schools. Children in Need is a favourite event and each year our films have helped inspire the children to raise lots of money. 

Our Goals

  • To model acting, film production, creativity and theatre to kids.
  • To provide alternative ways of engaging children in learning. 
  • To convey the work of The Orion and Goldbeaters to families through film. 
  • To bring theatre to children.


“You are not going to like it…… are going to LOVE IT!” DMC