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Parent Code of Conduct


  • Speak politely and behave well!
  • Avoid negative and malicious gossip
  • Concerned, worried - see us
  • Problem between children - see us not the child
  • Know that we work really hard for your child and we are human too!


Unacceptable behaviour will lead to a ban from the school site. 


Our Governors Policy on Unacceptable Parent Behaviour that will lead to a ban from the school site


Behaviours include:



  • If a parent/carer swears, is aggressive or threatening to any member of staff at Goldbeaters (or to children)
  • If parents are heard (by a member of staff) swearing at each other or speaking in an aggressive tone or acting in an aggressive manner


Racism - Goldbeaters opposes racism in all forms

  • If parents are heard make racist comments about others


Anti-Social Behaviour

  • If parents persistently approach the school in a negative and impolite manner.
  • Persistent and negative and malicious gossip (including on social media)
  • Hanging about and glaring at others in a persistently negative manner