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Cultural Capital

At Goldbeaters we are deeply committed to developing the cultural capital of all our learners as they journey through the school.  We believe that increased cultural capital contributes to doing well in life i.e. being able to perform well in school, knowing how to talk in different social groups or societies, accessing higher education and being successful in work or a career. 


In addition to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for our learners we prioritise and subsidise trips out of school for all children. Children will go out on trips or have a specific in school experience enhancing their learning at least twice a year eg animal visitors, artists workshops and immersions days on the theme of Greeks/Vikings/Egyptians. Trips include travelling into London, museums, galleries, visiting wildlife and environmental parks, camping, beach trip and a residential activity holiday.  All children have music tuition within the classroom and learn to play recorder, keyboard, percussion instruments and the ukelele.  All learners have curriculum time using laptops and IPADS. 


Special days and events are woven throughout the school year in order to support and develop cultural capital. Our 10 week Spring Term literacy festival and 6 week summer cultural festival are integral to developing experience, meeting inspirational visitors, performing, and experiencing outdoor learning. 


In addition to this we run after school Talent School and I-Shine Schools where children can develop strengths and interests and also be really guided to improve themselves. These include musical theatre, sports, debating and quizzing. We aim to provide children with plenty of opportunities to explore new activities, to question, to be curious and to be creative.