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Cultural Development

Cultural experiences in school

There are many ways in which children experience culture beyond the curriculum within school. Y4 had a trip to the Living Rainforest to enhance their knowledge of their topic this year. Y5 visited the Royal Observatory to help with their understanding of the much-loved topic of the solar system and Y6 have enjoyed a fantastic Viking day! These experiences all enhance and add to our learners understanding and awareness of the world. Below is just a flavour of some of the cultural experience we have provided this year to our pupils so far...


We aim to provide 101 special days, events and cultural experiences across a school year!

Collaboration with Ă…lesund - Thrive @alesundmusic

Y5 Trip to Roald Dahl Museum!

Y5 Victorian Day!

Y5/6 Chicken Shed

Chicken Shed!

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Year 5 Royal Observatory Greenwich

Y4 Living Rainforest Trip!

The Shakespeare Festival 2022

Our amazing Y5 children performed at The Arts Depot on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th June. The quality of the performance was exceptionally high. Macbeth portrayed in dance and in drama by 9 and 10 year olds! 

Family Football at Wembley Stafium

Thanks Mr Courtnage for distributing these tickets for Goldbeaters pupils and their families to have an amazing opportunity at Wembley Stadium watching the Womens FA Cup Final. 

Each month every pupil will be exposed to a work of art that can be visited in London. The aim of this is to be able to recognise some well known and some lesser known paintings or art works, know some facts about the piece, the artist and the time in history it may have been created.

April's Masterpiece

This is a portrait painted by David Hockney of Mr & Mrs Clarke and Percy. 

David Hockney is one of the best known British artists of the 21st century.

He was friends with Mr and Mrs Clarke also known as Ozzie Clarke (a fashion designer in the 1960's) and Celia Birtwell (a fabric designer).

Mr and Mrs Clarke are no longer married but David Hockney and Celia are still friends to this day.


What can you see in this portrait? Do the couple look happy? What objects can you see? Why do you think Hockney painted these? Can you research any other pieces of work by Hockney? What else could you find out about him?

October's Masterpiece

The Cholmondley Ladies


The painting is of two young women sitting up in bed, fully dressed, each holding an infant.

They are traditionally said to be sisters, although the different coloured eyes of the ladies and children show that they are not identical twins.

The babies are swaddled in red christening robes.

The painting was known to be in the collection of Thomas Cholmondeley (pronounced 'Chumley')

The style of the painting would seem to date it to c.1600-10

Family group portraits of this type were popular in the Elizabethan and early Stuart periods.

You can visit this painting at The Tate Britain in London.

September's Masterpiece

The Arnolfini Portrait 1434


This is thought to be a portrait of a very wealthy Italian merchant and his wife.

There are some clues in the picture that show them to have been important people and very rich

  • the bed - most people did not own one - if you did it was on display in the living room - this one is carved and covered with throws. 
  • the couple wear fur (even though it looks like warm weather outside (see the cherry blossom) and bright coloured clothes
  • there are oranges on the window ledge - these were very very expensive


Find out more

What do you think the painting shows?

Jan Van Eyck was the painter - can you find out more about him?