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Our Charity - The BYT Project

Our Charity

The small charity that helps families feel brighter and think more positively.


We give BITESIZE pieces of help that make a BIG difference.


We all need some Bright Yellow Thinking!

We all need some Bright Yellow Thinking!

The Mission…….

  • We give people in our community bite size assistance. Our thinking is that a little bit of help to someone in difficulty can make a BIG difference
  • We help young people feel brighter, think more positively and therefore have a better chance in life.
  • We help schools in challenging circumstances develop a positive approach. We share our experience and methods.

Who Runs the Charity?

Voluntary representatives from our schools community

Patrons: Vanessa Feltz and Father Dane Batley-Gladden

Founder and Chair: Chris Flathers

Trustees: Annie Hindle, Vicky Dawes, Rachel Shear, Charmaine Martin, Kaya Hawkins, Sue Hinton

Yellow Organising Team: The leaders from The Orion and Goldbeaters

What We Do

1. Bitesize Help for Families with Children

Schools cannot give their funding out to help families with day to day problems so our charity steps in to provide:

  • School Uniform
  • Rent arears
  • Kitchen appliances and bedroom furniture
  • Funeral costs
  • Financial advice
  • Days out and holiday schemes for kids
  • Clothes, food and toys

2. Help for Additional Learning

School funding is poor. Life changing projects in our schools often need help. We raise money for things like:

  • Sports kit for the GO Stars weekend football club
  • Events at the summer festival GO FEST
  • The Theatre School and fees for children to join the talent agency
  • Books and resources for the literacy festival Word UP.
  • IT help and support. Devices too.

3. Schools Advice

We provide advice to schools in challenging areas about the power of positivity and positive learning. Schools get:

  • A model for learning
  • Advice and guidance
  • A simple logo that tells their community that they are a positive and empowering school for pupils.

4. Feeling Brighter

Working alongside us provides a special positive vibe. We encourage people help out with our activities. This is a way to feel brighter and learn to think more positively.  

Our focus is primarily the community connected with the Gold Star Federation of The Orion Primary School and Goldbeaters Primary School but of course extends further


The Foundation’s work is based on the positive learning methods and learning culture used at the schools. Our members are current staff and pupils as well as ex staff and old students. All are ambassadors of a helping, caring and positive thinking culture.