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It's been a very hot final week of the year with temperatures in London and other parts of England reaching record highs. We've done our best to stay safe and cool this week at school. We have reflected on an amazing year and are really proud of the following:-

  • Happy, achieving children who love school
  • Successful Learning (see our results page)
  • Major success in sport, drama, debating and science
  • Over 101 EXTRA learning days and events that have taken place this year
  • Our staff and families who work so well together - always putting children first
  • Our 10th and possibly best EVER GO FEST with around 40 events enhancing cultural development and our community evenings which brought together 4000 people.


The final week of Go Fest has arrived. The flags are up on the Orion field, the outdoor stage is up. Sound check...done. Every child from Orion and Goldbeaters performs on the stage, parents come into watch for the first time in two years and our Y6 children graduate! Not forgetting our infamous GO FEST Community Nights! 


Another one of the children's absolute favourite Go Fest activities - The Water Zone took place this week along with a performance from a very funky four piece band called Ultrabeat. Y6 have camped out overnight on the Orion field. There has definitely been a joyful vibe!


IT'S BACK!!!! Fringe is a comedy and arts festival within a bigger festival. Our Pink Fringe will began on Thursday at 6pm when we had a special evening to launch the Arts Hub Project. Friday was performance day for lots of groups of talented children - get a flavour from the photos below. Saturday was U Create Arts Morning where children came and took part in creative arts and on Sunday we had two family shows in the theatre with DMC and Friends. ticketed event. Pink Fringe 2022 finished with Comedy Monday. WOW WOW WOW! Thanks children, parents, and staff for such a wonderful fringe. Until next year...


We are taking some moments this week to stop, think and be grateful for all we have in our lives. On Memory Monday we listed all thea events, occasions and experiences that make great memories. On Terrific Tuesday we think about people who are terrific - who we appreciate. On WOW Wednesday we will experience a Flamenco Guitar Session. Thankful Thursday and Whole Lotta Love Friday will round off the fourth week of GoFest and The Pink Fringe will begin.

Joncan Kavlakoglu Flamenco Guiarist!


Still image for this video


The vibe this week was feeling healthy and active in our body and our mind. Pushing ourselves to try a new challenge (climbing/high ropes), having stamina to play volleyball, trampoline or pedal the smoothie cycle, singing and keeping up with the moves through a Zumba session can make you feel euphoric and really great about yourselves. So many children went out on trips to experience learning elsewhere - the Barnet Music Festival, Kew Gardens, London, the seaside. Quiet times to reflect, think and feel grateful are also important for our healthy minds.

Riding the Smoothie Bike

GO FEST WEEK 2: Groovy Green Week

This week has had an outdoors vibe. All the children took part in outdoor learning activities, including outdoor cooking, foraging, bug hunting. There has been virtual reality space workshops for Y3 and Y4, Y5 have gone to an Outdoor Centre to do orienteering, high ropes and archery, Y6 children have taken part in the Junior Citizen scheme to prepare for secondary school and we have taken part in a huge sports festival. We celebrated father's day with a Dad's Breakfast and outdoors games. And the sun has been out all week!

Multisports Festival!

Fun with Food!

Space Virtual Reality Workshop!


Good Vibes Change Lives and the vibe in school this week has been sensational. This week there has been a focus on Art & Soul. In class the children have experienced a SKY Arts week with exposure to a range of creative arts, they have done an artists study, watched a live speed artist and Y5 took part in the incredible Shakespeare Festival where they performed Macbeth at The Finchley Arts Depot. We had a wonderful community Pamper & Shopping Night with 400 tickets sold and celebrated the end of our first GO Fest week with a Colour Run altogether outside. We are definitely feeling the vibe!

Colour Run!

Speed Artist John

The Yellow Exhibition - GO Fest Launch

We went to The Yellow Exhibition where we saw DMC, Senor Smile, Zingy Zidane and Mimi Memory all there to teach us about how to collect the vibes for next half term. GO Fest is launched!

Celebrating The Queen's Jubilee - 24th May 2022

To mark 70 years of Her Majesty The Queen we have had a very special day in school. Thank you parents for helping your children make wonderful flags and crowns for today and dressing them in red, white and blue. We listened together to the National Anthem, had a Jubilee lunch and an afternoon cream tea. In class we have learnt about the Queen and her life. We feel very proud today.


Waving the flag!

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Sunshine Friday with The Colour Rangers: Friday 13th May

The Orion and Goldbeaters were all together today for the first time in just over 2 years out on the field to welcome the Colour Rangers. They arrived in their orange camper vans to squeals of excitement and joy from the children. We danced, played games, asked questions, savoured some ice lollies and enjoyed a special time. It maybe the last time we might see them...for a while!

Lemon Fresh Friday : 6th May 2022

May is about Good Vibes Only! We have ended a short week with a lemon for everyone. Lemon's help your digestion, lighten your hair and can stop cut up fruit and veg from turning brown. They can also clean you kitchen and wash your hands! Children have enjoyed a fresh lemonade drink with their friends. The Sunshiners Caps are ready and children can wear them from next week when it seems we will have a week of SUNSHINE. Year 6 children are working hard for their SATs which will take place next week. We are so proud of their commitment and maturity.












Goldies Lemonade Stand

As part of our Lemon Fresh Day, some of the children in Year 4 came to Mr F with the idea of raising some money through a lemonade stand! The main purpose of the stand was to put some smiles and fizziness on everyone's faces at the end of the week! The children managing the stands did a brilliant job! 


Welcome Back to the Summer Term

Feel our Sunshine Vibe!

The sunshine vibe is a positive energy that helps everyone SHINE.  We are going to use Sunshine Skills to be and stay energetic, hard working and fun, polite, smiley and confident and calm and thankful. We will become Sunshiners this term and are committed to showing our very best in our learning and in our attitudes.


This channel was set up to help everyone through Covid when the school first had to shut in March 2020. The initial goal was to help kids stay busy while stuck in their homes. During the first lockdown there was a film every day - that was 35 films made in a row!

The One Kind Learning Team is made up of 7 adults from Orion and Goldbeaters...they film in a room in the school and use lots of props to help.  The adults involved have all given up huge amounts of their time.

There have been many seasons including "Awesome Sauce" and "Super Juice" and lots of favourite parts like "I'm an Awesome Person...get me out of here!!" which took off a TV show called "I'm a Celebrity...get me out of here!" Our youngest children at school are captivated by 6 characters called The Colour Rangers who were created to colour the world. 

Thank you to the One Kind Learning Team - over 2 years you have made nearly 150 films - you have given us so many happy and special times, entertained us, and truly brought learning to life.


Will the Colour Rangers ever find DJ Juice? We were transported inside DJ Juice's factory to solve the clues to find him. With their Awesome Colour Power the children succeeded in their quest and we finally found out where the DJ has been throughout Word Up. 1500 children saw one of the 13 shows over 2 days in the I-Shine Theatre. An incredible finale for to our Word Up Festival!

WORD UP : HUNKY DORY WEEK - The Exhibition

The exhibition of Hunky Dory World designed by our classes was truly stunning. The world we created is how we would love it to be ALL of the time - smooth, vibrant with colour, peaceful, clean, language and story rich, safe for animals and people to live together now and in the future with good health and harmony. The houses really reflected the personality and spirit of every class that contributed - truly Hunky Dory.


Y5 and Y6 welcomed our very last visitor of  Word Up 2022 - Alex Bellos. He is an author and a absolutely brilliant at mathematics. He wowed us with puzzles, facts and information about mathematics from all over the world. Solve problems with Alex by watching his Youtube videos or reading his pieces in the Guardian newspaper.

Odd one out puzzle

WORD UP 2022

There are 10 days of Word Up left this year! What has happened to Gigi? What will the Colour Rangers do? Will DJ Juice be found? We wrote some words of encouragement to them advise them on how to overcome this Down Cloud. It's been a busy week in school this week ending with a wonderful Red Nose Day!
























Author and poet Kevin Payne visited Reception today - he did a wonderful presentation to the children followed by writing and poetry workshops for them in their classrooms. Lots of children bought a poetry book from him. We loved B is for Blobfish - an A-Z of weird and wonderful animals!


We've been looking for DJ Juice - all the children designed posters and drew what they thought the DJ may look like - is the DJ male or female? is the DJ old or young? Have a look below at some of our ideas. Today we got to enjoy some delicious offerings from the pop up Hunky Dory Bakery as a treat for a wonderful wordy week. Other exciting events this week included incredible dancers from Orion and Goldbeaters taking part in the Barnet Dance Festival at the Finchley Arts Depot - thanks to all those who made it possible!

Supporting the BYT Winter Hub and The Ukraine Crisis

Thank you as always for your generous donations this week. We are collecting both food for our winter hub and money to help Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing the war.


A big thank you to the Trestle Theatre group who delivered inspirational workshops to our Y4 and Y5 children. The children wore masks conveying different emotions and had to use their body language to reflect the emotion portrayed on their mask. 


We LOVE World Book Day at Goldbeaters! As AMAZING effort from parents and children to come to school as a fictional character. Such creativity and pride and extra excitement about books and reading. World Book Day this year was a part of our journey through Storyland. Can the children now complete the challenge of identifying all the books and stories in the Word Up Show films and also remember who has written the books?


Make sure you have a look at this incredible film. Can you spot all the stories/books/text from the clues as the Colour Rangers journey to Storyland? 

The Word Up Show! Episode 3


Welcome Back King Kimba with his first published book of poems Write the Wrongs. Kimba is a hip hop artist and poet and has the best energy ever. He taught us that every poem needs SHAMPOO - simile, hyperbole, alliteration, personification, onomatopeia and oxymoron. We are having a go at memorising some of his poems for a competition. WORD UP WORD UP!

King Kimba!

Still image for this video


Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 were bowled over by Ben Lyttleton today.  Author of The Football School books (which we love!). Ben gave us some football school lessons in Geography, Maths and Drama. There is so much knowledge you can gain from following football and other sports that you can use in your everyday life. He was so inspiring and we loved welcoming him back to The Orion. Many children bought books from him that he signed for them to take home. Thanks to all the parents for their support too.


Our nursery and Reception children stepped into a forest of fairytales with Perform Drama and loved every minute of it!

WORD UP THURSDAY - 10th February 

Y3 and Y4 experienced poetry with the amazing published poet Kate Wakeling today. They listened to Kate read some of her poems (some not even published yet!), re-enacted some poems and then had a workshop in writing their own mood poem! Another amazing Word Up visitor! 


Chris White - a poet and illustrator visited us at school today. He was so entertaining reading us his poems. He played about with words in such a funny way. Many of us bought one of his books and he signed them! Y2 did some extra work with him learning how to draw some of characters he writes about.

Not only did we have a visit from Chris White, we were also given a special visit from the incredible King Kimba, a hip hop artist and poet. King Kimba brought an infectious positive energy with him and taught us that every amazing poem needs a little bit of ... SHAMPOO (the children will be able to tell you why!). He also helped Y6 in a poetry workshop!


Happy Birthday Goldies! - Friday 28th January

We’ve had cards, lollies and cake. What a way to celebrate our 92nd Birthday! Some of our staff have worked for the school community for very many years and families have remained loyal to the school. There have been so many special memories over the years - huge thanks to all the children and adults who have been a part of our Goldbeaters family through the years, it just wouldn’t be the same without you! 

Happy Birthday Goldbeaters!

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WORD UP 2022 - Friday 21st January

Every Friday throughout Word Up we dedicate extra time for talking activities and Word Up tasks. We were delighted this week to welcome our first Word Up visitor. Leah Boleto, the presenter of CBBC's Newsround for 11 years, came to school to talk to us about her incredible job and experiences as a journalist and news reporter. She was so inspirational and all our KS2 children asked her very thoughtful and intelligent questions. Definitely some budding journalists at Goldbeaters!

Watch Leah Boleto's Newsround Highlights

WORD UP 2022 - January 14th

Word Up (our annual literacy festival) launched today and we can not wait for the next 10 weeks of learning packed with special visitors, the Word Up Show, the adventures of the Colour Rangers, DJ Juice and the Do-It-Dude. Since returning to school after the holidays children have been using their I-Power Max to produce their best writing, improve their reading, master their maths and care for others. We have all had to show a lot of I-Care in the last 2 weeks. Have a look below at the Word Up launch film

Word Up 2022 begins...


We were thrilled to be invited by the Colour Rangers to their house for Christmas. It was so colourful and GORGEOUS! We love them so much. Thanks so much for having us all!



All the children were invited to Santa's Grotto for a special Christmas message from him all the way from the North Pole. Did he leave any gifts?

DOING a little more for the Community

Every class created a box of gifts for the elderly residents of local care homes. Children included notes of kindness and wishes for the festive season and the new year.  Thanks to every single class for thinking so carefully about what others may appreciate. You are the BEST!

DOcember - Doing a Little Bit More

December is always an exciting and magical month but DOcember is even doing small things we can make a big difference. Families have been doing a little more by donating foods and toiletries into our BYT Winter Hub which will open in January. We are so grateful for every single item. THANK YOU! Classes are preparing gifts to send to care homes around the local community.


Many things are happening for children this month... including Christmas Lunch, class parties, and visits to Santa's Grotto. The children have all received invitations to the Colour Rangers house! Some groups of children took part in the Grahame Park Winter Festival and entertained the crowds

Singing at The Grahame Park Winter Festival

Still image for this video


We did it! We really did MOVE ON UP. Children made immense effort in their learning all month and as you can see from this news feed we also managed to move on in so many other ways too. With our friendships, with our kindness, with our manners and our healthy choices in the dinner hall...children have won football matches, a debating competition, taken part in BOCCIA sports...we have launched our Talent School and I Shine Schools with almost every single child from Y1-Y6 staying for an extended school day on a Wednesday.  A very busy but magnificent month. 

Children in Need Day 2021

We think that the Children in Need Day should be done in every school in the UK. Why? Because it’s all about children helping children, showing kindness, care and compassion. We are great at this! As usual our children and their parents have gone the extra mile being creative at home, dressing up and donating money. Across the 2 schools we have raised an AMAZING £3000.  We THANK YOU!

The Big Kindness Week at Goldbeaters

Before we get to one of our favourite days of the year - Children in Need Friday - we have

Kind Manners Monday

Kind to Grown Ups Tuesday

Kind to Ourselves Wednesday

Kind to Everyone Friday

Our One Kind World Campaign begins...

Keep up the brilliant Kindness and Children in Need projects!

The Colour Rangers launch The Big Kindness Week!

Remembrance Day 11.11.21

We marked Remembrance Day with a minutes silence at 11am. All the children and staff stand TOGETHER and show utmost respect and kindness. We will never forget.

GOLDSTAR FIREWORKS NIGHT -  Thursday 4th November

What a wonderful community time together watching the firework display. It was a joy to see such happy smiley faces. Many of our younger children experienced fireworks for the first time! Lovely hot food and drinks to enjoy, games to play and things to buy. Thanks to our staff and our families...TOGETHER we make AMAZING things happen


Moving on up in everything we do this month. Making even more effort with our reading, writing and maths, being even kinder, showing even better manners, keeping fitter, moving our bodies more. Showing the Big E - encouraging others and ourselves is even more importnat through the winter months.


Every child this week has thought about their own qualities, characteristics and talents and also learnt about an inspiring and important black figure, either historical or from current times. Children all took part in a grandparent task and we were reminded again of what an incredible and diverse heritage our pupils have. We are proud of every single one of you! Want to learn more about Black History - check out the Amazing Kids Do More page in the Children's zone of our website.

APPLE WEEK: Monday 11th October - Friday 15th October


We’ve had 5 days of different varieties of apples to eat this week including, Gala, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Red Chief and Braeburn. We have an apple week to think of harvest time and that the season is changing quite rapidly. It is most definitely autumn!

We’ve have really rocked on with our learning this week making sure that we give 100% effort into everything we do. The super juice art activity was yet again completed by brilliant children who really show they care. We ended our week with Funny Friday, sharing a joke and drinking some delicious rock n roll Super Juice!


Such a buzz in school this week - it's Rocktober! We are rocking on with our reading, writing and our maths. We are making even more of an effort to make sure we improve on every piece of work. A huge number of children won One Kind Learning Goodie Bags for incredible designs of their own Super Juice! On Friday they got to enjoy some Learn Aid and some Smiley Soda. Which Super Juice will we get to try out next?

Friday 1st October - World Smile Day

A perfect day for our AMAZING children to celebrate. This year all classes sent letters and smiles to over 50 care homes around London. Children were buzzing with smiley faces and excitement and we hope that it is conveyed by the beautiful messages that are received by post next week. Our AMAZING kitchen  made smiley face biscuits for everyone. A happy squad of children greeted the school community with huge smiles and banners at 8.30am and more children went into Mill Hill Broadway later on in the day to spread their smiles and joy. The new One Kind Learning film dropped today - SUPERJUICE! All in all a wonderful day! 

World Smile Day 2021 - You're never fully dressed without a smile!

World Peace Day - Tuesday 21st September

Pink for Peace

Our pink colour power represents kindness. Could more kindness lead to a more peaceful world? Could more kindness stop conflict? We created some pink campaigns for peace in a peaceful hour in our classrooms and met together with our friends from Goldbeaters for some peaceful activity outside.

It's the new school year!

Every year our school communities have a quest (goal). This year's is AMAZING!

We are making 101 AMAZING things happen this year at Goldbeaters and The Orion. Check out this news page to keep up with everything  AMAZING!