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Headteacher's Message

A Message from our Headteacher, Mr Flathers


Goldbeaters is part of the Gold Star Federation. Together with The Orion we serve a community of around 1500 children. We believe that life for our pupils should be sunny, happy and incredibly special.


Our way of learning is unique and has a name: I Shine Learning. We have a method within this called Positive Learning Power that enables children to be able to say:


  • I am happy and a success
  • I feel very positive and confident about myself and with friends
  • I love learning and make fast progress


Staff really make things happen and they are dedicated to helping children in three ways, they:


  • Champion pupils by going the extra mile for them
  • Teach great lessons
  • Coach and nurture every child’s talents.


Life here is NOT just a series of lessons. Our very special environment and weekly events play a key part in giving children endless learning opportunities. Pupils develop a passion for life and a level of happiness that accelerates their learning. Here is a quick flavour of life in our world:


  • GO FEST an arts and cultural 6 week festival
  • Word Up an 8 week literacy festival.
  • Theatre school
  • Sports academy
  • Days like, Smile Day, World Peace Day


We are not just a school! Our Arts Hub, housed in our theatre and studios, provides opportunity for children to join subsidised classes in dance and drama. At the weekend we run our Go Stars football club. All pupils stay an extra evening in school to join our talent school and they can join our excellence academies. We also have our own I Shine catering and cleaning services and "One Kind Learning" productions which you can see on our Youtube channel.


Our children are amazing! My staff and I are proud to serve them and their families by providing a very special primary school experience.


We are here them and for you!


Mr F