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Year 4

Introducing the Energetic Elephants and the Outstanding Orangutans!


Energetic Elephants are you ready to shine?


Orangutans do you have GO! power?

Summer Term Shenanigans!


Year 4 have started off the Summer term with a bang! We are now learning about the Normans in Topic and are looking forward to going on a Normans trip in June. In Science we are learning about States of Matters and doing lots of cool experiments! In Literacy and Maths, we are working extremely hard pushing on with our GO GOALS! We have also incorporated Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, into many of our Literacy and Art lessons. 30 children in Year 4 are even taking part in a production of Hamlet - it is going to be amazing! The other 30 children in Year 4 were lucky enough to go to the Magic Circle - it was an awesome trip! They got to meet some of these amazing magicians, see some of their craziest tricks and even learn how to do a trick of their own!

Magic Circle Trip

30 Children in Year 4 went to the amazing Magic Circle headquarters in Euston. They saw some amazing tricks being performed and even got to take part! Below are pictures of 2 children in Year 4 who were picked to pull a rabbit out of a hat and cut a lady's body into 3 parts! It was an amazing day enjoyed by all who went!



Happy Diwali Everyone!


People all around the world celebrated Diwali on the 23rd of October 2014!

Traditionally people decorate the floor with beautiful Rangoli patterns using powder throughout Diwali celebrations.

Year 4 have celebrated by creating our very own Rangoli patterns on biscuits using icing pens... Don't they look delcious?














Diwali - Festival of Lights

In India, one of the most significant festivals is Diwali, or the Festival of Lights. It's a fiveday celebration that includes good food, fireworks, colored sand, and special candles and lamps.



The Living Rainforest!


In Year 4 our topic this term is the Rainforest! We've been learning all about the fantastic four layers and the animals that live there.. The great gorilla, the jazzy jaguar, the terrific toucan and so on!


So how lucky were we to go and visit the Living Rainforest in Reading and learn about all the amazing adaptations and plants that live in the rainforest!


Check out our pictures below!


This snake here is called the Carpet Python.. He has so many amazing adaptations. Can you guess one looking at the picture?


The tour guide demonstrating using one of Goldies kids heads how the python's head separates in order to eat its prey... How scary!


These amazing fish have adapted as omnivores just like humans and have teeth just like us to eat both meat and veg! Cheesy smile everyone!


Here the children are discussing the locations of the tropical rainforests on the globe... Could you point out the equator too?


The children were so excited to see the Toucan and learn about how his feet and beak have adapted to allow  him to hop happily around the Rainforest!


Let's not forget the fun we had in the playground during lunch!


What a great day smiley