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The Primary Shakespeare Company works with children in primary schools, raising attainment and achievement by engaging with Shakespeare

The chosen play is integrated throughout the curriculum which encourages children to produce some incredible work! Further to this, the children learn and utilise an incredible set of skills while acting!

The project has been running successfully for a few years now and has become a high light and integral park of our Year 4 learning journey.  


Watch this space for behind the scene glances during this exciting learning journey. Also, follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and keep an eye on our youtube channel for our Primary Shakespeare Project vlogs.


This year, the play we are performing is...The Winter's Tale! We have been given a high drama scene where Leontes ignores the oracle! 

It is festival day and these children are excited! Loved every minute of this awesome project with Primary Shakespeare Company.

Final dress rehearsal before our big day tomorrow at the Primary Shakespeare Festival, these hard working kids are ready!

We were lucky enough to get Paulina and Leontes in a press conference where we could ask them about their reactions/thoughts on the sudden deaths of Hermione and Mamillius in preperation for our news report on this tragedy. Learning through drama with @primeShakefest

Leontes refuses to accept the oracle and soon his son and queen are dead! We step into the shoes of Leontes (remorseful), Paulina (angry) and the First Lord (distressed) to share their emotions in this moment in time through expression and body language.

Bringing Bohemia to life - Rehersal number 5 - It is all coming together!

Camillo's Dilemma - Diary Entry from some of our creative writers!

Camillo's Dilemma - Conscience Alley

Channeling our scale of emotions and relating to the moment when jealousy took over Leontes's body!

Getting creative with silhouettes inspired by famous scenes from The Winter's Tale

Primary Shakespeare Company at Goldbeaters


Just as we have been busy singing in school, we are never too busy to build links and give back to our community.


Year 5 were invited to sing at St Anthony's Safe Start Foundation (an active social club).  We were welcomed warmly and the children enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the members there, after their performance.    There was even time for a drink and a biscuit.  It was a great day for all. 


Year 6 visited the residents of Hanshaw Drive (Sheltered Homes). Even though it was a bit of a squeeze, the residents were blown away by their angelic voices.  The children were treated to a biscuit and a drink and there were some tears too...from the residents of course. 

Look out for our photos and video links!


Year 5's Christmas Performance at St Anthony's

Uploaded by Goldbeaters Primary School on 2016-12-20.

Year 6's performance at Hanshaw Drive Sheltered Housing

Uploaded by Goldbeaters Primary School on 2016-12-20.


Our Junior Choir were invited to the Flower Lane Autism Centre to sing during their Christmas party.  This was a new experience for our children but one that they found very rewarding, as the children's singing was very well received by the residents.  Well Done Goldies Junior Choir!  Keep rocking!  POWER ON!

Choir performance for Flower Lane Autism Centre

Uploaded by Goldbeaters Primary School on 2016-12-20.

Junior Choir departing for Flower Lane Autism Centre. They're rocking their Santa hats!

Junior 'Nativity' Choir

Our Junior Choir kindly helped out in Reception and Nursery's Nativity Show.  They did an amazing job adding some beautiful singing to our little one's Nativity Show.  POWER ON!!

Junior Nativity Choir getting ready to perform.


Our awesome Year 2 represented our school at this year's Infant Music Festival, hosted by our friends at Broadfields Primary School in Edgware.  They had a fantastic time singing the songs we had been learning in the last term.  They also prepared their own individual item, a song called 'Smile', by Kirk Franklin.  They really blew us all away.  You Rock Year 2!!  POWER ON!!


Year 2 rocking at the Infant Music Festival!


We meet Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30.  We have a great time learning songs, playing instruments and singing and playing at the same time.  We have the talented Rastko leading us in our music making!  Watch this space, we hope to have some videos of our mini performances soon!

Orchestra Band.MOV

Still image for this video

Goldbeaters' Orchestra/Band concentrating on the song we were learning! Making music and enjoying it! POWER ON!!


Every Monday, any children that learn an instrument here at school is able to spend some time practising their instrument.  It's not the quietest place but it is full of musical noise smiley!!  Watch this space as we will have some videos of some of our mini performances.

We always end our practise sessions with some mini-performances. These girls were rocking it with some fantastic Music! POWER ON!!


Our Junior Choir has been very busy this term.  We were given the opportunity to audition for the BBC Children in Need Choir.  It was a very exciting time for Goldbeaters and The Orion.  Once we were informed that we had made it through the audition, we were then working hard to learn the song 'Lean on Me' by Bill Withers.  We had our first joint rehearsal with Mill Hill County Choir and Q.E. Boys Choir.  Our children were phenomenal!  Massive well done to our Federation Choir!

Here are some pictures of our time at the BBC Elstree Studios, for Children in Need. What an amazing opportunity for our Junior Choir! One for the memory books! POWER ON!!