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Pupil Premium

Goldbeaters Pupil Premium Plan - 2017/18

Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure


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 Summary of Spending Areas

 % of funding

 Enriching academic learning

 After school tutor groups four days a week. Very high adult to child ratio for both  literacy and numeracy groups across the school. Booster classes and groups for  both year 6 and year 2 in literacy and numeracy. Level 6 booster groups. Year 1  and year 2 additional teachers. All year groups receiving a booster to aid learning  - include social skills helping pupils overcome key barriers to learning e.g. self  esteem.


 Enriching curriculum learning

 Subsidising trips out, school journey (France), workshops, visitors to lead learning  in school.


 Enriching extra- curricular learning opportunities

 Wider range of clubs and tutors in school e.g. Innovation dance, Bollywood dance.  Tuition in piano, violin, guitar singing etc. Counsellors for supporting transition to  secondary school.


P.E. and Sport Premium

Details of how we spend our P.E. and Sport Premium can be found on the Sport pages.