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PE Premium

Goldbeaters PE grant 2018-2019


The government give extra funding to schools to be spent on sport in school. Last year the government doubled the amount, allowing us to allocate more to sport at the Federation. Our aim is to increase sporting opportunities for children regardless of their economic background or ability, and also to improve the quality of the provision they receive at no or very little cost to parents.


As a result of the funding for many years now we have been able to establish an enriching experience for the children of Goldbeaters, whereby every week all classes receive a minimum of 2 hours PE delivered by a specialist team of PE staff.


In KS2 they are taken to our federated school, Orion, where a broad curriculum is covered which is forever growing and adapting. Last year we introduced NFL into our curriculum. Teachers received CPD to better understand the sport, upskill the delivery and tennis is also incorporated into the curriculum from our local leisure centre, adding onto the 2 hours of PE already delivered a week. Swimming, whilst a government requirement, is now additional within the PE curriculum and so Y3, where 47/60 currently require swimming to reach the 25m standard, receive this onto to create 2.5 hours.


In KS1 2 hours delivery happens weekly by the PE team and QTS teachers & the regular purchase and replenishment of specialist equipment ensures we deliver a detailed and bespoke programme giving children vital skills in balance, co-ordination, communication and flexibility. The current KS1 PE lead also received training through an extensive summer term handover from our secondary PE trained PE teacher who has retuned to the Federation recently at the Orion and oversees planning and assessment in order to maintain high quality lessons. Class teachers have all had CPD in the programme so its delivery is sustainable and are also supported in lessons regularly from the PE team where required or requested. The curriculum is progressive and imparts a wide range of skills. EYFS also receive PE and CPD to embed PE into everyday life in Early Years (including nursery)


Our main expenditure of the premium is on creating enriching experiences and opportunities.


All children take part in extended day activities, provided free of charge. We now offer 39 active clubs available to the children of Goldbeaters, none of which are chargeable to the parents therefore making them accessible to all. These clubs offer a broad range of activities from dodgeball and zumba to football and NFL, before and after school. Please see our club list for the full range. This has seen our participation in extracurricular activity rise to 94% of pupils - who as a result now meet the government guidelines of 3 hours of PE a week. 69% of our pupils exceed these guidelines - participating in 4 hours plus a week.


In addition, we take our children to spectate in many sporting events including: football, NFL and cricket.


We are also able to spend our premium funding coaches to run our "Go Fit", "Go Shine",  "Go Comp" and “Body Smart” initiatives, which enable us to provide substantial support for our emerging students and enhance the talents of our more able alongside the curriculum. This is evident in our regular attendance at inclusive festivals and ongoing success in competitions & leagues. We have recently won the participation award for the most events attended within the Borough of Barnet for the 5th year in a row, the Platinum School Games Award (given for 5 golds in a row!) and have represented the Borough in inclusive events such as Boccia plus pathway events such as Hockey every year for the last five, Please access our other sporting pages for more information on this. We also support a weekend football side for our most talented footballers, which is now in its fifth season. Previous initiatives are also supported such as “Shine Academy” although these are now sustainable within the school budget should the funding be withdrawn.


This year also sees the continuation of our Happy Hearts Club - aimed at developing non-competitive sporting opportunities for all, and the development of our Go Active Squad, young leaders from years' 5&6 who previously won 2 awards at the Barnet Sports Awards. We have also been able to continue the success of “This Girl Can” which empowers girls in sport.


All initiatives that are funded through the Sports Premium are embedded into the school by moving them into the budget to ensure the opportunities are sustainable for the children.


This year we plan to use some money to introduce an awards evening into the calendar to recognise those who have made excellent progress or showed outstanding talent.


Currently, swimming (which has just been moved into Year 3) is our priority as within last years’ Year 6 only 79% could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres, use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations. We will be carrying out Top up swimming and holding an internal gala, attending an external gala and establishing our own assessment scheme. We have already ensured a member of the Pe team is released to attend swimming sessions to motivate and drive teaching and learning and raise expectations.


This is how Goldbeaters has chosen to spend the £19,600 it was awarded this academic year, 2018-2019

  • Equipment                                            £2000
  • Go Active Squad (Leadership)             £150
  • Transport                                              £700
  • Clubs                                                    £7450
  • Happy Hearts initiative                         £1000
  • School Games Day (Red Week)          £1500
  • CPD (PE Staff)                                     £1500
  • Go Stars                                                £1500
  • Swimming                                             £1000
  • SEN resources (eg Boccia)                  £1500
  • Shine academy facility hire                   £500
  • Holiday camps (supplement of chn)      £100
  • Emowering girls (This girl can)              £100
  • Awards                                                   £540