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Welcome to Nursery!

We are part of the Early Years Foundation Stage and we love to explore, create, imagine, question and have lots of fun learning!

Wednesday 10th June - Circus day for nursery! We will be going to see a circus in Woodcroft park. We would like the children to dress up in circus costumes for their visit.

Please note - Morning parents please collect your children at 12:00 as we will be returning to school late.



Please remember to give Mrs Bye your email address so she can set you up onto Tapestry.


Star Meetings

Please remember to see your child's key worker to find about their progress.


Cooking contribution reminder

As you know we cook with all the children every week and ask all parents for a contribution of £5 a term towards buying the ingredients to cook with every week (this also goes towards food for our end of term parties, ingredients to make our play dough and food for our fish).


Library books

Ever Friday we let your child choose a book from our library to take home and share with you for the week – they will also receive a star diary (a book which our weekly notes are stuck in, where you can also share you child’s learning at home). We only let children take books home if they appropriate book bags, Please see a member of the nursery staff if you have any questions.