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Go Science!

Spectacular Science!


We think Science is spectacular here at Goldbeaters! 


This year, five new Science principles have been introduced to enhance our learning in Science both in school and at home! 

They include... GO Real Life, GO Out, GO Practical, GO Learn and GO Discover.

Each term we will focus on a new principle in our learning and this term it is... GO Real Life! 

All the children are learning about how the Science in their lessons relates to Real Life. 




Welcome to Science Club!


Each week children from Years 3, 4 and 5 have been having lots of fun learning about many different Science ideas and concepts and doing lots of fun experiments!


Check them out in action in the pictures below!

GO Discover!


Can you use your find out mind to discover more about Science? 

Check out the Time website to find out more about Science in the news today!

Find out even more about your topics in school on BBC Bitesize Science!

What facts fascinate you on Sciencekids?


I wonder... How heavy is a giraffe? 

I wonder... Can you sneeze with your eyes open? 

I wonder... What is the scientific study of sound known as?