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The government give extra funding to schools to be spent on sport in school. The aim is to increase sport provision for children and also to improve the quality of the provision they receive. 


As a result of the funding we have been able to establish an enriching experience for the children of Goldbeaters, whereby every week in KS2 they are taken to our federated school, Orion, to receive 2 hours of high quality physical education - delivered by a trained team of PE specialists and take part in extended day activities, provided free of charge.The curriculum is progressive and imparts a wide range of skills.


In KS1 we have been able to offer training to two previous PE leads & purchase specialist equipment to deliver a detailed and specialist programme ensuring children collate vital skills in balance, co-ordination, communication and flexibility. The current KS1 PE lead also received training through an extensive summer term handover to maintain the high quality of lessons. Class teachers have all had CPD in the programme so its delivery is sustainable and are also supported in lessons regularly from the PE team. Teachers are also upskilled in the delivery of yoga from a QTS specialist teacher and tennis from our local leisure centre.


In addition we now have 30 active clubs available to the children of Goldbeaters, none of which are chargeable to the parents therefore making them accessible to all. These clubs offer a broad range of activities from dodgeball and yoga to football and basketball. Please see our club list for the full range. This has seen our participation in extra curricular activity rise to 92% of pupils - who as a result now meet the government guidelines of 3 hours of PE a week. 65% of our pupils exceed these guidelines - participating in 4 hours plus a week. 


We are also able to spend our premium funding coaches to run our "Go Fit", "Go Shine" & "Go Comp" initiatives, which enable us to provide support for our emerging students and enhance the talents of our more able. This is evident in our regular attendance at inclusive festivals and ongoing success in competitions & leagues. Please access our other sporting pages for more information on this.


This year also sees the launch of Happy Hearts Club - aimed at developing sporting opportunities for all and the development of our Go Active Squad who won 2 awards at the Barnet Sports Awards.


All initiatives that are funded through the Sports Premium are embedded into the school by moving them into the budget to ensure the opportunities are sustainable for the children.


This is how Goldbeaters has chosen to spend the £9,811 it was awarded this academic year, 2016-2017

  • Equipment       £2000
  • Go Active Squad £150
  • Transport         £  500
  • Clubs                 £1011
  • Happy Hearts club £500
  • School Games Day (Red Week) £900
  • CPD                   £2425
  • Go Stars            £1500
  • Holiday camps £500
  • Gymnastics       £325